Matthew Fairchild lives in Southern California and is a graduate of the MFA program in Creative Writing at Chapman University. He is also one of the Founding Editors of Anastamos Interdisciplinary Journal. He loves space, both personal and outer, and hopes for a day when going to Mars can be more than a one-way trip.

Creative Writing


Anastamos Interdisciplinary Journal

Anastamos is a modern interdisciplinary journal. Each issue focuses on a single topic with diverse perspectives on the human experience, weaving together creative, scientific, philosophical, historical, and social perspectives on common shifting themes.

Through innovative publication we aim to set a defining example for scholars and professionals crossing the boundaries of their fields. We challenge and advocate for the distribution of material nurturing cross-disciplinary dialogue and debate that is personal and curiously human.

We’re always looking for great work, both creative and academic. If you want to submit, or see what we’ve published, check us out.